The following questions are designed to help you access your favourite memories and best moments in your life with your partner.

Fill them in separately, without showing your answers to each other.

You can answer only those questions that immediately inspire you.

If nothing comes to mind for a particular question, don’t worry, just leave it & move on to the next one.

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Our tips for a successful couple session

What you need:

Get an outfit:

-In muted colours

-Without patterns that might be out of fashion in 10 years.

-No visible marks

-Not too loose preferably.

Prefer white, black, grey, forest green, beige, burgundy, terracotta, powder pink…

Jeans always work if you are in doubt!

Prepare a playlist with songs that are close to your heart if that makes you feel better.

What not to do:

-Plan to go to a restaurant or out with friends after the session, as the session ends a few minutes before dark.

Choose clothes with satin-like materials.

-Excessive exposure to the sun the day before your session.

-Fasting to get a flat stomach.

-Change your hair colour radically.

-Test a new cosmetic product the night before.

Wear more make-up than usual.